Javelin signed a Marketing Agreement with Quinsam to serve as its marketing agent for the sale of thermal coal at its newly reopened underground mine at Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  The mine produces 500,000 metric tons of coal per annum. Our partnership combines the mine operation by Quinsam with Javelin’s expertise in marketing, risk management, financing and logistics.  Together we look to sell thermal coal in the most economic and risk managed way to maximise margin for Quinsam.


Quinsam is an underground producer of thermal coal on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.  It produces 500 thousand tons of thermal coal per annum with an ability to increase its production to 1 million mt per annum in the future. Its customer base including Asia and Latin America utilities, and local cement producers in Canada and US.

Mine Locations

Quinsam operates one underground mine producing 500,000 tons per annum. It supplies domestic customers by barge and export customers in Latin America and the Far East through Lafarge terminal located on Texada Island, British Colombia.

Export Ports

Texeda Island, British Colombia, Canada

Maximum cargo on panamax sized vessel

Sailing Draft

Load Rate
25,000 mt WWD