Javelin signed a Partnership Agreement with Mettalis Recycling as its aggregation and marketing agent whereby it acquires, finances and hedges the steel scrap through the aggregation process at its two scrap yards in the UK.  Our partnership combines the steel scrap assets of Mettalis with Javelin’s expertise in marketing, risk management, financing and logistics.  Together we look to accumulate steel scrap in the most cost-effective and risk managed way to maximise the economic use of the yard while minimising commodity price exposure.


Mettalis is a leading steel scrap yard with various assets located in the UK.  Mettalis procures up to 300 thousand tons of HMS 80:20 steel scrap through its various operations. 


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Yard Locations

Mettalis procures 150 thousand tons of steel scrap (annualised) collecting from material in the S.Wales area. It supplies domestic customers by truck and exports from the Port of Swansea.

Mettalis has historically procured up to 150 thousand tons of steel scrap (annualised) collecting from various suppliers across N.E England.Historically it exported material to various destinations through the Port of Immingham although a new site in the North East is currently being explored

Export Ports

Swansea, Wales

Maximum Vessel Size
30,000 mt

Sailing Draft

Load Rate
2,5000 mt WWD