Murray Energy Corporation

Murray Energy is one of the largest and lowest cost producers of thermal coal.

With its mainly longwall undeground mines located in the Illinois Basin, Northern Appalachia and Uinta Basins of the United States, and its surface mines located in  the Cesar Region of Colombia. Murray also controls the Illinois Basin underground longwall operations of Foresight Energy LP. Combined, Murray Energy produces and or manages over 80 million short tons of coal per annum and is a major supplier to the United States domestic utility market and the seaborne export markets.

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Blackjewel LLC

Blackjewel and Lexington Coal is a leading producer of over 40 million tons of thermal and metallurgical coal per annum.

Produced from its numerous underground and surface mining operations in the Powder River Basin and Central Appalachia regions of the United States.  Blackjewel services power plants and steel mills in the United States and internationally.

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Cambrian Coal

Cambrian Coal leading producer of High Vol A, Semi Soft and PCI coal with over 5 million tons per annum of production.

Cambrian is an underground and high wall producer of thermal coal in Kentucky and Virginia. 

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Quinsam Coal Corporation

Quinsam is a underground producer of thermal coal on Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

It presently produces 500 thousand tons per annum, with the ability  to produce up to 1 million tons per annum, in the future, with a customer base including Asia and Latin America and local cement producers in Canada and USA.

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Mettalis Recycling Ltd

Mettalis is a leading steel scrap yard with assets located in Swansea, Wales and the Humber Estuary, England.

Mettalis procures up to 300 thousand tons of HMS 80:20 steel scrap from its two yards.

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GenOn & GenMa Midatlantic LLC

GenOn and GenMa are diversified energy companies that provide electricity to wholesale customers in the United States.

GenOn owns two coal fired units in Pennsylvania and Ohio totalling 1.2 GW. GenMa owns 3 coal fired units in Maryland totalling 2.4 GW. 

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