An article in Jim Thompson's Daily Report in "Coal & Energy" details Javelin's hiring of Bill Boyle.

Bill Boyle joins Javelin Global Commodities as vice president, metallurgical coal marketing.

"Bill Boyle is one of my heroes. He ought to be one of your heroes as well because he knows a very great deal about metallurgical coal, and there are only a few folks out there who can make that claim. Bill started in the business when he was a toddler and thus has been around it for close to four decades.

Anyhow Bill has returned from a brief sabbatical during which he fulfilled a lifelong dream by studying intensively, though ultimately pointlessly, the migratory patterns of the monarch butterflies – an admittedly odd lifelong dream, and a bit unsettling when one stops to contemplate.

But Bill is a friend, and I don’t judge Bill and his butterfly net. And Javelin Global Commodities is fortunate indeed – and filled with wisdom – to have hired Bill as vice president – Metallurgical Coal Marketing. Few are equally qualified for the position.

Bill will report to Javelin CEO Peter Bradley, who has once again proven himself astute. Javelin is already active in the met markets, focused on building an export channel to leverage its relationships on the domestic mining and logistics industries, as well as its global client base in the steel industry.

Bill will be based in the U.S., but his responsibilities will include global marketing to complement Javelin’s already strong global commodity marketing presence. Globally Bill will bring a strong product-specific knowledge to the Javelin team. He will also be responsible for all domestic marketing.

“I am excited to bring the experience and depth of knowledge that Bill has to the Javelin team,” Peter said. “Our development into the met markets continues and Bill will enhance our capabilities further.”

Bill said the Javelin position “feels like a new lease on life,” and he is “excited about potentially giving a new lease on life to some miners.”

And that is what Bill and a lot of you bring to the table – an understanding of the true value of the work being done. It’s the real reason many of you are my heroes.

Bill's new contact details are +1 (314) 402-7497 and

If you ask him to hum “Butterflies are Free,” I’m probably done for."

Reproduced by kind permission of Jim Thompson/IHS Markit