Ocean freight is the key link between origin and destination in bulk commodity markets and is a significant contributor to the delivered commodity pri

Javelin has an extensive global and bulk commodity presence and as such, Javelin’s clients benefit from our economics of scale and receive better pricing, flexibility and delivery performance of the underlying commodity.

Ocean Freight


Javelin is one of the largest shippers of bulk commodities globally and has a sophisticated management team capable of managing both voyage and time charters for the smallest of coastal vessels to the largest capesize vessels. Our customers can benefit from Javelin’s economies of scale to receive more competitive pricing and flexibility, as well as outsourcing of operations management to control logistics chain to end customers.

Javelin offers ship owners and financiers opportunities for long-term charters by using our long-term dedicated dry bulk commodity flows. As such, ship owners and financiers can place ships under long-term time charter to support development of new ships or acquisitions of operating ships. These activities are focused mainly in the Capesize and Panamax dry bulk sectors.

Javelin invests and provides working capital to support our customer activities. This can be as simple as providing customers with in transit inventory financing or more complex such as debt and equity financing of ships and commodity flows.

Javelin offers consumers and producers vessel flow sharing as well as long term subletting, giving the benefit of natural inbound traffic to certain export points. We also can enhance shipping economics by building up flows into larger size vessels through top-off capabilities, which reduces costs on the larger standard routes.