Javelin has extensive global relationships with hydrocarbon producers, consumers and logistic providers.

We are one of the largest commodity traders in the United States and globally and as such, we have developed a system that can help our clients monetize our relationships and economies of scale. Javelin provides the full suite of services to its hydrocarbon clients including short and long-term flexible volume and price contracts for product purchase and sale as well as all the related services including logistics, risk management, storage and financing.



Javelin enters into short and long-term hydrocarbon offtake agreements with producers and gives them access to Javelin’s network of customer and logistic relationships. We provide offtake agreements with flexible delivery and pricing structures tailored to the supplier’s needs. Javelin accepts delivery ex-field, delivered at port, or free on-board vessel.

Javelin enters into short and long-term supply and offtake agreements with producers and refiners globally.  Javelin can tailor agreements to provide flexibility on volumes and price, including fixed price, indexed priced or refined product price linked indexed structures.

Javelin provides delivered refinery gate supply or offtake contracts and manages all aspects of the physical delivery including rail, barge, truck or ocean freight logistics and storage, as well as the delivery of pre-blended products from multiple supply sources at ports globally. Javelin’s extensive global relationships with logistic providers allow our customers to benefit from robust delivery performance, known cost and flexibility in supply.

Javelin provides technical services to refiners globally. We identify the lowest all in cost of feedstock (or blend thereof) to help minimise the variable cost of production. Subsequently, we work alongside our clients’ procurement team to support their analysis of the hydrocarbons and help them during the trialling process.

Javelin also supports producers when they bring supply to market by introducing their products to the right clients and helping them with their marketing efforts. Javelin’s technical team works with the producer’s clients to trial the products in order for them to be accepted as an approved source.

Javelin invests and provides working capital to support our customer activities. This can be as simple as providing customers with prepayments, delayed payment terms or inventory/storage and accounts receivable financing or more complex such as debt and equity financings. Javelin can invest directly into the logistics chain to open up new delivery solutions.