Javelin’s business approach is fully tailored to the needs of clients.

At Javelin we do not believe in a ‘one size fits all’ approach. All our clients are provided with customised solutions that meet their needs and objectives. Javelin is set up in such a way to give us flexibility to tailor our strategy to each transaction. In a dynamic and challenging marketplace, we help consumers and producers succeed by truly understanding their goals. We promote the culture of creativity while remaining client-centric at all times. The needs of our customers always come first.

Risk Management

Javelin’s senior management has decades long experience managing financial, operational and counterparty risk associated with buying, selling and transporting commodities globally.

Our aim is to manage these risks conservatively across the entire spectrum and have stringent requirements including operational suitability, value at risk, counterparty credit exposure and FCPA and OFAC compliance. Our culture stresses accountability, responsibility and communication at all levels of the organisation, coupled with investment in first class technology, to ensure risk management is at the core to the company’s values.

Unrivalled Experience

Javelin’s senior management has a long history of working together which helped us create and shape a unique synergy for our business.

Our employees have extensive experience and are held in high regard throughout the industry. We operate with integrity and work tirelessly to maintain our reputation of having unparalleled commercial acumen and first-rate customer service. All our team members have unrivalled experience and expertise. They have spent decades working for leading producers, utilities, trading companies and financial institutions.