Javelin has established itself as a significant player in the iron ore derivatives market and moving forward will offer physical iron ore direct to end users globally. Leveraging our experience in other bulk commodities, we have transitioned the business to also offer innovative solutions for our iron ore producer and consumer clients.


Key Benefits

Iron ore is an essential driver of global ocean freight prices and therefore has a material impact on delivered prices of all globally traded commodities. Given our capabilities in the bulk commodity space, iron ore is a natural extension of the business.

Iron Ore Services

Consumer and Producer Risk Management Services

Iron Ore

Through our strong risk management capabilities and established relationships, we can provide solutions to clients to better manage their exposure to the extreme iron ore price volatility.

Logistic Solutions

Iron Ore

Javelin currently moves many bulk products in capesize and panamax vessels. As such, we can provide methods to optimise and reduce cost across the delivery chain. By taking delivery of product from producers as far upstream and delivering to users as far downstream as possible, we can manage all of the costs and risks associated with moving iron ore.

Iron Ore Offtake Solutions

Iron Ore

Javelin can enter into long term offtake agreements with producers offering alternative pricing methods, flexible delivery dates, as well as sophisticated financing techniques. We use our derivative trading expertise to provide structures that allow our clients to manage their exposure to iron ore and freight prices.

Delivered Iron Ore Supply Solutions

Iron Ore

Javelin has the ability to offer consumers a delivered at steel mill supply solution. We are responsible for all logistics to transport iron ore from the mine to our customer's site. We can offer the mill and all-in delivered fixed or indexed pricing mechanism as well as a selective menu for quality, depending on our clients' needs. We are also able to manage the working capital tied up in the delivery chain and use our derivative trading expertise to help our clients manage their exposure to price volatility.


Financing Solutions

Iron Ore

With the extensive balance sheet and low cost access to funding, Javelin is able to invest capital to support customer activities. This can be as simple as prepayments or delayed payment terms. We can also offer more complex structures such as customer inventory financing or more sophisticated debt and equity products.